Candour Communication Podcast

Tina Robinson on how play develops social and emotional intelligence (#5)

Episode Summary

Today we talk with Tina Robinson about the vital role of play in developing social and emotional intelligence. We also discuss how leaders can use play to bring teams together to create collaborative, high performing cultures.

Episode Notes

Tina has two decades of experience working with children including children with disabilities and trauma. 

She is passionate about developing the social and emotional skill of children that will prepare them for school and for life. She believes that play forms a vital part of this development and that play is an undervalued skill not just in children but in adults too. 

She has spent most of her career leading teams that support children and their families. She has a refreshing approach to leadership that has helped her to turn around the culture and performance of toxic teams. The last twenty minutes are jammed packed with insights on leadership and culture. 

1:58 - bucket filling.
5:03 - why working with children is important.
7:14 - educating parents are important.
9:02 - the critical soft skills.
13:32 - education system becoming more aware of soft skills.
18:58 - emotional regulation
21:14 - being curious instead of judgemental.
22:54 - navigating difficult conversations.
25:37 - quote: all behaviour is communication
27:14 - power of empathy.
28:44 - emotional regulation and empathy.
29:60 - how play teaches social and emotional skills.
32:28 - importance of labelling emotions.
33:18 - acknowledging emotions in others.
36:01 - easier to get through to someone in a state of play.
37:49 - play is not just for kids.
39:37 - How to use play when leading people.
42:37 - you perform better when you're having fun.
43:25 - stress can be good. Constant stress is not.
44:19 - being playful builds rapport because it requires vulnerability.
45:27 - example of how play turned around toxic work culture.
51:25 - setting the example as the leader.
56:54 - trust is respected more than its taken advantage of.
58:44 - self care and self talk.
01:02:35 - healthy boundaries.
01:03:34 - self awareness.

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