Candour Communication Podcast

Steve Nudelberg on the riches of relationships in sales and family (#18)

Episode Summary

We are selling something every day, whether that is selling an idea or selling ourselves. We talk to Steve Nudelberg about his refreshing approach to sales where it's all about building relationships. We discuss Steve's experience related to sales, leadership and family.

Episode Notes

2:54 - why should everyone care about sales?

4:06 - Too honest to be in sales?

6:16 - difference between manipulation and influence.

8:05 - who you are is more important than what you do.

9:55 - success at home and at work requires making the right choices.

15:50 - money did not make Steve happy.

18:05 - approach to parenting that led to close relationship with grown up kids.

22:27 - tough love vs nurturing.

25:52 - systemising relationship building.

28:29 - your network is your net worth.

30:31 - words matter: "visit, fit, value".

34:18 - the perfect visit of a prospect: be more interested than interesting.

39:14 - Too busy to build relationships?

41:04 - dealing with rejection and disappointment.

43:08 - sustaining your energy.

47:00 - positivity vs being open about challenges.

51:02 - board of advisors for your life.

52:47 - finding mentors.

56:40 - connect with Steve.

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