Candour Communication Podcast

Stanley Henry: the introverted attention seeker on the power of transparency (#17)

Episode Summary

Do you sometimes find it hard to say what you really think? We talk to Stanley Henry about the power of transparency in relationships and in business. We discuss topics like leadership, gaslighting, making salaries visible and how to have open and honest conversations.

Episode Notes

1:59 - transition into first leadership role.

4:19 - collaborative vs dictatorial leadership style.

5:45 - being promoted above peers.

7:9 - impact of retreat on strained relationship.

13:19 - importance of being aligned with goals

22:45 - giving feedback.

27:50 - gaslighting. dealing with people who deny making mistakes.

31:10 - encouraging open conversations and feedback from subordinates.

34:51 - balancing vulnerability and over-sharing.

38:5 - wearing your weakness as armour.

40:10 - importance of transparent communication.

41:3 - transparent financials: making salaries public to everyone.

46:51 - impact of transparency in personal life.

52:28 - introverted attention seeker: adapting natural style.

56:23 - get in touch with Stanley.


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