Candour Communication Podcast

Sonia Bestulic on gifting communication, inspiring belief and making the most of that one jail call (#13)

Episode Summary

We talk to Sonia Bestulic about how speech pathology can help our communication, we discuss self-talk, building confidence in others and how we can flourish through self-care and acceptance.

Episode Notes

2:02 - my mum will be glad that we're having this conversation!

3:00 - why is speech pathology exciting?

4:14 - who can benefit from speech pathology?

5:51 - what a speech pathologist does.

9:13 - using your voice safely.

14:54 - how speech pathology helps with listening and understanding.

15:57 - people are struggling more and more with auditory processing.

17:37 - how to get better at understanding and retaining auditory input.

22:31 - enriching your vocabulary enriches what you can communicate.

24:09 - are emoji's killing vocabulary?

25:40 - why are you passionate about these topics?

27:50 - examples of the difference service has made.

32:13 - communication starts with self-talk.

33:41 - listening is a big part of communication.

34:52 - believing in others.

39:25 - "yes, you can".  

42:12 - building confidence in the face of failure.

46:49 - what inspired Kisses in Your Heart.

50:03 - love and belief helps people overcome challenges.

51:29 - creating space to share emotions and be understood.

53:28 - flourish for mums.

56:06 - honour your human-nes.

57:36 - dance more often.

58:35 - celebrate instead of judging and comparison.

01:00:56 - use your communication to build others up.

01:01:16 - get in touch with Sonia.


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