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Ryan Hartley on heart-centred leadership (#44)

Episode Summary

We talk to Ryan Hartley about heart-centred leadership. Ryan Hartley is the Chief Heart Officer at Always Better Than Yesterday where he helps leaders to leave a heartprint where those around them are left better than yesterday.

Episode Notes

2:05 - what drew Ryan to work at a call centre for the police.

4:28 - lessons from a emergency call centre.

6:45 - hire for character and social skills.

7:55 - de-escalating highly emotional situations.

10:17 - the hardest phone call Ryan ever took.

12:02 - importance of self-care in high stress jobs.

16:06 - managing your own emotions in high stress situations.

18:34 - the importance of being calm as the leader.

19:45 - leadership is an act, not a title.

21:18 - everyone has a purpose.

26:25 - candid conversations are not an excuse for being blunt and harsh.

27:01 - mindset, skillset and heartset.

31:09 - how Ryan developed a servant-leadership approach in a status-driven environment.

33:03 - a leader's job is to be a greenhouse.

35:01 - the importance of team identity.  

39:32 - the culture deck from the founder of Netflix.

41:07 - leading with your heart is hard but worth it.

45:04 - feedforward instead of feedback.

45:34 - love tough.

49:02 - attachment theory applied to leadership.

49:55 - it's more important to be relational than to be right.

53:38 - the importance of courage in leadership.

54:44 - coming to the world from love, not for love.

57:43 - how Ryan's marriage survived a rough patch.

1:02:36 - what lessons did marriage troubles teach Ryan.

1:04:21 - self-defence mechanism to rejection.

1:05:35 - everyone deserves to be loved.

1:08:21 - what does "always better than yesterday" mean to Ryan.

1:10:24 - leaving a heartprint.

1:12:07 - the ripple effect of leadership.

1:13:09 - get in touch with Ryan Hartley.

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