Candour Communication Podcast

Ricardo Gonzalez: to belong or not to belong (#39)

Episode Summary

We talk to Ricardo Gonzalez, an cross-cultural communication expert, about belonging in a world that is getting ever more diverse and divisive. We discuss several aspects of belonging to help us create a culture where people long to be.

Episode Notes

2:40 - what attracted Ricardo to the topic of belonging.

4:06 - Diversity and inclusion should have its foundation on belonging.

5:52 - why belonging is more powerful than inclusion.

7:46 - diversity and belonging.

8:44 - what constitutes a culture?

9:20 - cognitive diversity.

9:41 - should all people to all groups?

10:41 - why a team needs a strong culture

11:45 - can't we choose to which groups we want to belong?

12:49 - to belong or not to belong.

14:01 - I did not belong at my own house party.

16:58 - we can't belong if we have different beliefs and values.

17:42 - diversity vs team fit.

19:40 - company culture statement.

23:26 - high context vs low context cultures.

27:01 - why leaders need to be more high context.

28:00 - caught in-between cultures.

33:03 - how to find a place where you belong.

36:39 - people are attracted to people like themselves.

37:19 - belonging vs fitting in.

38:41 - lack of integration has been demonised.

41:14 - being unfairly rejected by the group where you thought you belonged.

47:40 - ex-communication and cancel culture.

48:37 - root of ex-communication is that leaders value results over people.

49:06 - empathy vs sympathy vs compassion.

50:27 - how to regroup after you've been hurt.

53:35 - the link between belonging and performance.

57:30 - making people feel like they belong in order to use them.

58:18 - about the book: To belong or not to belong.

01:00:02 - connect with Ricardo.

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