Candour Communication Podcast

Niki Vinogradoff on realising the potential in ourselves and others (without needing wild hogs or Finland’s SWAT team) (#37)

Episode Summary

We talk to Niki Vinogradoff about what we can learn from coaching to be our best and to be that someone who brings the best out of others. Niki is a certified life and business coach who has helped over 150 small business owners. With a decade of leadership experience and thousands of hours of meditation, Niki brings a perspective to coaching that helps us to go beneath the surface in conversations.

Episode Notes

2:18 - A sports coach who makes you push further than you thought possible. 

4:19 - pushing people to perform better without being a dictator. 

8:10 - getting better at leading yourself and others under pressure. 

13:38 - managing stress. 

15:43 - how to break free from stress. 

18:50 - stress reaction is not useful. 

20:51 - how can we change our habits and behaviours? 

23:31 - change is emotional. 

25:19 - how can we get beneath the surface to the values and identity level in a conversation? 

29:19 - who am I and what do I want? 

30:53 - be specific with your questions. 

31:16 - how to let people find their own solutions. 

33:24 - getting more clarity about what they want. 

35:07 - being honest with ourselves about what we want. 

39:16 - it's not about finding the thing we love to do, it's about the meaning we give to the things we do. 

40:40 - being honest about yourself. 

44:49 - honesty is not always simple. 

48:02 - how to deal with our shame better to avoid needing to lie. 

53:32 - how painful honesty opened up the relationship. 

54:08 - connect with Niki. 


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