Candour Communication Podcast

Nadja El Fertasi on social engineering: from NATO to emotional firewalls (#23)

Episode Summary

We talk to Nadja El Fertasi about what cybersecurity and social engineering can teach us about emotional intelligence. After almost 20 years working at NATO, Nadja now helps organisations build emotional firewalls against social engineering attacks.

Episode Notes

2:16 - NATO.

6:54 - what NATO looks for in candidates.

10:01 - what is social engineering.

10:30 - how to get a free business class upgrade.

13:28 - can you learn social engineering?

15:53 - separate the behaviour from the person.

17:54 - observations instead of value judgements.

22:15 - how emotional intelligence relates to cybersecurity

30:03 - what is emotional intelligence.

33:07 - we construct emotions with the stories we tell ourselves.

37:57 - many variables impacting emotional intelligence.

44:59 - the benefits of role play for training.

51:11 - protecting yourself and your family from cyber criminals.

57:07 - How to practice empathy.

1:00:54 - type of training Nadja does.

1:04:22 - some marriage advice.

1:05:15 - don't blame others for how you feel.

1:06:42 - hold space so other people can talk.

1:07:19 - connect with Nadja.

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