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Lisa Linke on improvisation: the art of focusing on the other person (#38)

Episode Summary

We talk to Lisa Linke about what improvisation can teach us about communication and collaboration.  Lisa is an MBA consultant who has become a veteran improviser, actor and writer. She is a corporate communications workshop facilitator, executive presence coach, and storytelling maven that has helped clients like Google, Coca-Cola and Unilever. Lisa has appeared on shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family. She is also the co-creator and host of Go Help Yourself: A Comedy Self-Help Podcast To Make Life Suck Less.

Episode Notes

3:06 - life is abundant.

6:26 - MBA consultant who turned to acting.

9:50 - pursuing the path less travelled led to more admiration than judgement.

12:07 - acting started from a young age.

13:15 - managing your energy when you need to be "on" in front of people.

15:40 - my best is different at every moment.

17:56 - it's impossible to do it all.

19:55 - what is improvisation.

22:01 - we've learnt to supress our ability to be spontaneous.

24:14 - I can say anything! vs "I can say anything?"

25:30 - improv is the art form of putting the focus on the other person.

26:16 - what improv can teach us about being better listeners.

28:30 - we communicate better when we are in the moment.

30:23 - the audience is rooting for you.

31:22 - The improv philosophy of "yes, and..."

35:35 - you can influence more by listening than by speaking.

36:10 - the ability to listen impacts every relationship.

40:16 - using "yes, and..." to improve collaboration.

44:15 - creating a safe space where people can share ideas.

46:39 - how to bring a brick, not a cathedral.

48:29 - the best worst idea.

50:04 - nothing speaks louder than who you are.

51:25 - walking ten thousand steps per day is a lie!

52:51 - teaching presence to executives.

55:48 - no one cares what your head is doing.

57:30 - being intentional about how you come across: put the audience first.

1:00:55 - the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition.

1:03:52 - getting involved in improv.

1:04:39 - the benefits of improv.

1:06:10 - connect with Lisa.

1:07:18 - live improv exercise!

1:09:45 - debrief on the improve exercise.


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