Candour Communication Podcast

Laurie Gilbertson on high stakes persuasion: a prosecutor's perspective (#46)

Episode Summary

We talk to Laurie Gilbertson about what working as a New York City prosecutor taught her about persuasion in high stakes settings.

Episode Notes

2:10 - Alexander Hamilton.  

5:02 - what drew Laurie into criminal law?  

10:26 - the most important lessons Laurie's father taught her was about communication.  

11:55 - importance of credibility when making your case.  

14:18 - logic vs emotion in arguing a case.  

17:32 - the importance of primacy: making the most of an opening statement.  

23:53 - knowing your audience when the audience is very diverse.  

27:37 - dealing with difficult people in the audience.  

30:25 - we can easily misread our audience.  

31:57 - the stories we tell ourselves can hinder communication.  

33:16 - how to prepare for presentations.  

38:16 - can you prepare too much?  

43:23 - making a closing argument.  

46:36 - communication lessons from interrogating witnesses.  

48:58 - if you want honest feedback, ask kids.  

52:01 - let your witness be the star of the show.  

55:32 - arguing cases you don't believe in.  

1:02:27 - adapting your presentation style for television.  

1:04:26 - biggest barrier to good presentations: being yourself.  

1:06:24 - do people struggle more with content or delivery?  

1:09:56 - be like a child when speaking on stage.  

1:12:13 - connect with Laurie Gilbertson. 

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