Candour Communication Podcast

Julie Hyde on the 8 types of busy and how to break free (#25)

Episode Summary

We talk to Julie Hyde about the 8 types of busy, their root causes, their impacts and how they can influence how we lead. We discuss how to break free from being busy with a particular focus on people pleasing and micro-managing.

Episode Notes

2:27 - Using "busy" to describe how you are doing.

4:28 - are we really more busy now?

7:18 - is obsession with busy cross-cultural?

8:27 - impact of COVID on being busy.

11:40 - addicted to busy.

14:01 - sleep is usually sacrificed when we feel busy.

15:58 - what are we busy doing?

17:48 - shifting our mindset from efficient to effective.

22:06 - I don't have time for this!

24:49 - being on the other end of busy.

30:06 - saying "no" to focus on your priorities.

33:19 - improving communication about urgency of tasks.

36:37 - people pleasing is one of 8 types of busy.

39:45 - how to get better at saying "no".

43:29 - your loved ones pay the price of your people pleasing.

46:16 - how to avoid micro managing people.

49:26 - delegating vs protecting team from overload.

55:09 - transition from technical expert to managing people.

59:01 - focus on strengths or weaknesses?

1:01:10 - story of "busy Gary".

1:04:35 - fear of judgement is what keeps us busy.

1:06:59 - connect with Julie.

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