Candour Communication Podcast

Jillian Rosoff on grief: heartache, healing and humour (#45)

Episode Summary

We talk to Jillian Rosoff, a licensed psychotherapist specialising in grief, loss, and life transitions.

Episode Notes

1:31 - Radical Candor in the Rosoff household.

2:08 - what drew Jillian to grief counselling.

4:30 - people are scared to talk about death.

7:06 - what to say when someone is grieving.

9:47 - we will all say the wrong thing at some point.

10:50 - people get less support during grief than we think.

12:25 - avoiding resentment when people don't reach out.

14:39 - when the platitudes don't fit.

16:40 - don't give advice.

17:59 - we grieve in context.

19:50 - different styles of grieving.

20:45 - grief has more emotions than sadness.

21:54 - can grief lead people to detrimental paths?

24:41 - healthy ways to deal with grief.

26:27 - scared to be in the present because that's where the emotions are.

28:09 - how to stay calm and take care of yourself to help others?

32:55 - not feeling the "right" emotions when grieving.

35:06 - what value does a grief counsellor add?

37:48 - kids communicate through play.

41:51 - people can have very different rituals when grieving someone.

44:28 - the impact of not being able to attend funerals during COVID.

48:48 - we only know how to live if we've been confronted with death.

51:02 - the power of humour.

55:40 - feeling like we have to be strong for others.

1:0:24 - enjoying the present vs reminiscing about the past.

1:01:55 - what is most important when people look back on their life?

1:03:23 - sharing our stories can be a way to connect with each other.

1:06:00 - connect with Jillian.

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