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Jessica Joelle Alexander on the Danish way of parenting (and living) (#36)

Episode Summary

We talk Jessica Joelle Alexander, Bestselling Author of The Danish Way of Parenting, about what the happiest country in the world has to say about parenting.

Episode Notes

2:39 - first impressions about Danish culture.

6:24 - after reading hundreds of parenting books, Jessica still preferred the advice from her Danish family.

8:13 - the birth of the book.

9:49 - our default setting for parenting.

12:7 - authoritarian vs authoritative style of parenting.

15:7 - free play is better than structured activities for kids.

18:0 - we want our kids to win but happiness is not about winning.

20:30 - we are scared that our kids fall behind if they are just left to play.

23:37 - how play creates an internal locus of control.

26:4 - self-esteem is not built by giving praise.

31:25 - cultural difference in values, such as humility.

36:49 - the happiest country in the world doesn't like stories with happy endings.

40:4 - sad endings normalise all feelings and improve emotional intelligence.

41:40 - training empathy as a skill.

45:13 - cooperation is more important than competition.

46:55 - importance of reframing.

48:47 - difference in how Danish people approach divorce.

51:53 - Hygge: we-fulness.

55:57 - get in touch with Jessica.

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