Candour Communication Podcast

Jason Rosoff on Radical Candor: caring personally and challenging directly (#35)

Episode Summary

We talk to Jason Rosoff about using the Radical Candor framework to give better feedback and become a better boss.

Episode Notes

00:01:35 – welcome Jason Rosoff from Radical Candor.  

00:02:19 – the feedback Jason got about his thinking face.  

00:05:37 – why is it important to give feedback?  

00:07:06 – challenging the importance of feedback: discussion on The Feedback Fallacy published by the Harvard Business Review.  

00:13:01 – what is Radical Candor?  

00:19:18 – feedback does not have to be calculated and does not need a model.  

00:20:55 – do people default to ruinous empathy or obnoxious aggression?  

00:23:48 – how to start implementing Radical Candor with your team?  

00:28:47 – you can't fake caring personally about people."  

00:32:35 – creating a culture where people do care about each other.  

00:35:13 – what about advice saying you shouldn't get too close to your employees?  

00:41:55 – overcoming the fear of hurting the other person by challenging directly.  

00:47:09 – most of a manager's job involves emotion.  

00:51:11 – how do deliver feedback in a way that avoids the fight or flight response.  

00:55:03 – leaders who are not good at receiving feedback.  

01:01:02 – getting indirect feedback about people not in your team.  

01:03:52 – giving feedback in an open plan office.  

01:05:57 – models to help give feedback instead of a value judgement.  

01:07:47 – get in touch with Jason. 


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