Candour Communication Podcast

Francisco Mahfuz on finding your storypowers (the science and art of communication Kung Fu) (#31)

Episode Summary

We talk to Francisco Mahfuz about the power of stories and how we can tap into their power to learn communication Kung Fu.

Episode Notes

3:20 - are you allowed to talk about stories at home?

5:50 - why is story so important to Francisco.  

8:55 - can you remember the story you told?  

10:57 - does the audience remember the story?  

12:25 - homework for life.  

13:41 - path to making storytelling a profession.  

18:35 - impact kids had on Francisco's speaking career.  

22:32 - Is content or delivery more important in a speech?  

26:48 - how did Francisco learn about storytelling?  

29:39 - the old science of storytelling: ethos, pathos and logos.  

31:24 - you cannot make decisions without emotion.  

36:08 - the new science of storytelling.  

39:40 - why can stories make us cry?  

43:46 - what is a story?  

49:43 - how to make stories easy.  

53:12 - sharing with vulnerability.  

59:41 - Get in touch with Francisco. 

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