Candour Communication Podcast

Florian Decludt on learning languages and adapting to cultures (#48)

Episode Summary

Florian has lived in eight different countries and can speak eight languages. He has a wealth of knowledge to share about adapting to cultures and learning new languages. He has worked as a diplomat, salesperson, teacher, solopreneur and growth marker. One common theme has been Florian’s ability to learn and adapt.

Episode Notes

1:21 - the first person to disagree on LinkedIn.

5:20 - the countries Florian has lived in. 

7:18 - most difficult country to adapt to. 

9:17 - are people less friendly in some countries? 

12:32 - some cultures are more indirect.

14:36 - how to get an insight to the country’s unwritten rules.

16:30 - how Florian felt about going to a boarding school in a new country where he didn’t speak the language.

18:09 - why should people live in a different country? 

24:45 - a new country is a clean slate. 

27:10 - finding yourself when travelling. 

32:00 - fear of failure stopping us from starting. 

36:57 - don’t overthink what you say because people don’t care. 

39:10 - tying self worth to people’s opinions. 

41:48 - learning and fear and failure. 

44:18 - is social media a waste of time? 

47:50 - create a learning entourage. 

50:30 - the benefits of learning new languages. 

57:45 - how to learn a new language? 

1:09:21 - connect with Florian.

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