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Dr Michelle Drouin: how technology impacts connection, intimacy and infidelity (#43)

Episode Summary

We talk to Dr. Michelle Drouin about how technology can both help and hinder our relationships. Dr. Michelle Drouin is an internationally-recognised research psychologist and a speaker on issues related to technology, relationships, couples, and sexuality. Her research has been featured in the many major media outlets including New York Times, CNN, NPR and Psychology Today.

Episode Notes

1:53 - phantom phone vibrations.

2:35 - from development psychology to technology impact on relationships.

3:53 - is technology helpful or harmful to relationships?

7:24 - parents' concerns about kids on technology.

9:06 - technology opens up communication with people across the world.

9:47 - phone addiction is not all bad.

11:07 - using our phones for social good.

12:56 - calling her Grandma.

14:28 - millennials are scared of phone calls.

16:10 - does talking to strangers make us happy?

21:19 - a small kindness to a stranger can make their day.

23:06 - the intimacy famine why it matters.

25:37 - the life-giving power of physical touch.

30:24 - the importance of a shared bedtime routine with your partner.

33:05 - using technology together can still build intimacy.

34:35 - rules are important to avoid conflict.

36:28 - make rules when you are calm.

38:30 - rewards are more effective than punishment to change behaviour.

40:40 - how can singles get more intimacy?

42:59 - back burners - a threat to your relationship?

48:35 - Ex-partners are most likely to be backburners.

49:20 - social media is the cause for up to 30% of divorces.

50:27 - rules around social media?

52:10 - people may have different intent than you when using social media.

54:31 - the lies people are most disappointed by when online dating.

56:36 - lying on dating sites reduces relationship length.

57:52 - pitfalls to avoid when dating online.

1:00:23 - the criteria you are looking for when dating.

1:02:10 - relationships are so important.

1:03:21 - persisting with our current relationship vs looking for something new.

1:05:32 - what if our relationship has lost it's spark?

1:09:19 - connect with Michelle.

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