Candour Communication Podcast

Dr Ashok Bhattacharya on empathy, narcissism and self-esteem (#30)

Episode Summary

We talk to Dr Ashok Bhattacharya, a psychiatrist who has been practicing individual and couple psychotherapy since 1989, about topics such as: what can birds teach us about empathy? How can the movie Inside Out improve our relationships? Why is insecurity good for us? What should we do when we realise that we're in a relationship with a narcissist? How do we really build self-esteem?

Episode Notes

2:52 - is it normal to smile when you see a video of someone smiling?

4:14 - mirror neurons (see video clip).

7:57 - how to be the baby whisperer.

9:03 - the hardware and software of empathy.

12:51 - empathy is not standing in someone else's shoes.

17:45 - empathy is a capacity.

20:17 - empathy is a tool. It's not good or bad.

23:08 - empathy is not getting in the hole with the person.

26:56 - how empathy impacts relationships.

31:47 - what if we're not in an empathetic state of mind?

33:13 - the hardest thing to do is to listen (see video clip).

36:31 - helping people solve their own problems.

38:25 - listening requires patience.

38:55 - helping someone learn a lesson for themselves is much more powerful than simply teaching.

42:29 - human beings are designed to be insecure.

45:55 - confidence and self-esteem.

47:06 - narcissism.

49:41 - can a narcissist be helped?

52:18 - being in a relationship with a narcissist (see video clip).

58:25 - directional empathy.

01:02:49 - how can couples navigate life changes together.

01:06:18 - Trusting your partner to have your back.

01:10:3 - how to find the right partner.

01:11:18 - the Van Gogh problem.

01:12:37 - confidence and self-esteem.

01:16:38 - how to build confidence when you are failing.

01:19:34 - connect with Ashok.


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