Candour Communication Podcast

Dr Ashley Fico on high stakes conversations in healthcare (#27)

Episode Summary

Imagine having to talk to the family of someone who has just passed away and you need to ask them if they would like to donate their loved one’s organs. It’s conversations like this that Dr Ashley Fico studies.

Episode Notes

1:50 - drawn to interpersonal communication because it was so broad.

3:01 - communication applied to organ donation conversations.

4:55 - communication needs to be audience-centred.

6:22 - your audience can have very diverse beliefs and opinions.

7:47 - you are not your audience.

11:24 - how shows like Greys Anatomy shapes perception about organ donation.

15:27 - reading your audience without making assumptions.

20:39 - best way to approach sensitive conversation.

22:03 - perception checking. Did they understand what you said?

23:50 - sharing embarrassing stories to make you more approachable.

26:08 - more ways to do perception checking.

28:26 - different ways to get our point across.

30:28 - value judgements vs observation.

32:52 - importance of emotional intelligence in these conversations.

34:49 - how stories impact organ donations.

37:54 - health communication during COVID.

40:05 - humility vs confidence in communication.

42:48 - What is InnoQuest?

43:50 - Sunday Funday experiences.

49:33 - InnoQuest's impact on how cities are perceived.

51:32 - getting below the surface of the place you are visiting.

53:02 - importance of trying new things.

56:04 - getting in touch with Ashley.

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