Candour Communication Podcast

David Richman on supporting people when they need us most (#34)

Episode Summary

We talk to David Richman about grief and trauma and how we can support the people we love through difficult times.

Episode Notes

00:01:35 – endurance sport.  

00:05:04 – Running is meditative.  

00:06:50 – the life events that motivated David to start endurance sports.  

00:08:50 – the importance of caring for yourself first instead of impressing people all the time.  

00:11:03 – adversity can make you better or it can make you bitter.  

00:13:56 – I have to vs I get to.  

00:16:55 – receiving help in difficult times.    

00:20:37 – not worrying what others think of you.  

00:24:14 – do people know how to deal with grief?  

00:26:14 – why David's sister was so important in his life.  

00:31:25 – how did the book, Cycle of Lives, come about?  

00:35:13 – Just put your feet on the ground and make your bed every day.  

00:40:07 – how to have open conversations where people were open to talk about trauma and grief.  

00:44:48 – how can we best support people through difficult times?  

00:47:15 – what to say when someone is going through a tough time?  

00:50:25 – you might be the only person who showed care.  

00:52:58 – asking open questions is more important than saying the right thing.  

00:55:35 - scared of saying the wrong thing.  

00:59:45 – we can choose our response.  

01:00:50 – we are all passer-by's in each other's lives.  

01:04:55 – get in touch with David.  

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