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David Neal: leadership is not about you (#42)

Episode Summary

We talk to David Neal about the nuances of good leadership. David Neal has a decade of experience in the Australian Army, with most of his experience in leadership roles. He is currently a Director at Eighth Mile Consulting.

Episode Notes

1:39 - from enemies to best mates.

6:12 - there is nothing noble about being harmless.

7:06 - avoiding or engaging with conflict.

7:27 - what makes a leader?

8:50 - good leadership looks different in different contexts.

11:40 - the leadership style in the military.

12:59 - how values and beliefs impact team performance.

15:12 - navigating the conflicts that arise from having a diverse team.

15:35 - definition of leadership.

16:30 - diversity is contextual. What are you trying to achieve?

18:43 - are you trying to be right or correct?

20:36 - leaders represent people authentically in forums where they cannot represent themselves.

22:18 - trying to be right disengages people around you.

23:41 - it's better to lose the battle and keep the relationship, especially with your kids.

25:07 - extreme ownership and admitting mistakes.

27:28 - where the name Eighth Mile Consulting came from.

29:18 - owning our mistakes turns our weakness into a strength.

31:39 - owning your faults increases your credibility and your ability to influence.

32:55 - steelman and strawman debating tactics.

36:01 - influence starts by listening, not speaking.

38:14 - it takes discipline to shut up and listen.

41:55 - I don't have time to listen.

44:02 - why boundaries give more freedom.

52:14 - boundaries with children.

54:46 - just do what makes you happy is terrible advice.

56:46 - the standard you walk past is the standard you accept.

58:18 - sometimes leaders only have bad options to choose from.

1:00:14 - leadership is not about you.

1:02:44 - a leader's reputation is their influence.

1:06:1 - making an unpopular decision that you believe will be best for the long term.

1:10:49 - reputation is based on your character but not fully in your own control.

1:12:57 - how to become more self-aware as leaders.

1:15:30 - everyone is a leader.

1:16:11 - how to create a safe space for people to speak up.

1:18:55 - empathy saved the world.

1:24:7 - our ego can be our greatest enemy.

1:26:12 - connect with David Neal.


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