Candour Communication Podcast

Daniel Murray on the business case for empathy (#28)

Episode Summary

Maybe you see empathy as an important skill for your personal relationships. But to Daniel Murray empathy is more than that. To him, empathy is a competitive advantage. Daniel Murray helps businesses and leaders to develop empathy as a strategic capability.

Episode Notes

1:57 - background in mathematics, banking and insurance.  

5:35 - some factors were missing.    

9:27 - what factors made the difference?  

11:30 - how to convince sceptics of value of people skills.  

17:58 - what non-profits teaches about motivation and leadership.  

23:27 - why did empathy stand out as a skill?  

26:34 - judgement and assumptions.  

28:46 - how to practice empathy.  

32:30 - empathy doesn’t mean you don’t make tough decisions.  

33:48 - empathy does not require you to feel the emotions.  

36:10 - a tool to help be more empathetic.  

37:00 - an example of empathy in action.  

43:55 - how empathy helps product design.  

44:45 - how does empathy help individual contributor at work?  

46:05 - shaping workplace culture.  

48:30 - accused of not empathising?  

50:00 - taking empathy too far.  

52:50 - a story about resilience.  

57:00 - empathy enables diversity.  

58:19 - one act of kindness can impact a life.  

1:01:27 - get in touch with Daniel. 

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