Candour Communication Podcast

Daisy Simonis on introversion and people skills (and how these relate to your big toes) (#24)

Episode Summary

We talk to Daisy Simonis, the founder of Empowered Introverts, an organisation that helps introverts supercharge their people skills (without changing who they are).

Episode Notes

2:32 - Daisy grew up introverted and socially awkward.  

4:31 - how Daisy came out of her shell.  

6:22 - how Daisy coped with initial.  

7:35 - learning about yourself vs putting yourself out there.  

8:10 - people skills crash course/overcoming fear of phone calls.  

10:05 - how to define introversion.  

12:07 - personality tests.  

13:48 - labels of introvert/extrovert.  

18:03 - level of extroversion can vary with context and stage of life.  

20:05 - pressure to be more extroverted.  

22:15 - being more inclusive of introverts in the workplace.  

27:20 - overcompensating for your introversion.  

30:15 - how to get out of your head in a group setting.  

34:00 - not saying hello out of fear of follow up conversation.  

38:20 - posting on social media to overcome fear of what people think of us.  

42:33 - strengths unique to introverts.  

45:44 - how to develop people skills.  

50:09 - the story toolbox for sharing in conversations.  

52:58 - how to recharge.  

56:55 - what advice would you give to your younger self?  

58:25 - speaking up and being heard,  

63:48 - connect with Daisy. 

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