Candour Communication Podcast

Christian Fleck on the gift of self-awareness (and how to be a human mirror) (#22)

Episode Summary

We talk to Christian Fleck who shares his experiences of failing forward to develop his self-awareness. Now Christian gives the gift of self-awareness to others by coaching and giving feedback that unblocks and goes to the roots.

Episode Notes

02:04 - role of sport in Christian's life.  

07:21 - rejected for sports journalism.  

09:13 - pursued career at Nike.  

13:48 - was is a dream come true in reality?  

18:34 - Am I giving up or is this the right time for me?  

22:39 - impact of a good manager.  

24:54 - being authentic.  

26:48 - fear of failure (and startups).  

36:38 - feeling light to guide your decisions.  

40:57 - how to feel more light?  

48:30 - people who annoy us say more about us than about them.  

52:58 - being a mirror and giving feedback.  

56:40 - entrepreneurs of life.  

58:20 - feedback vs advice.  

01:01:16 - why do we feel the need to give advice?  

01:04:00 - creating safe space for giving feedback.  

01:06:24 - receiving feedback.  

01:09:24 - feedback without hurting people's feelings.  

01:10:51 - live feedback example.  

01:14:44 - getting to the heart of the matter.  

01:19:30 - people find the answers within themselves.  

01:28:36 - connect with Christian. 

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