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Chris Marhefka on becoming the master of your life, the captain of your soul (#33)

Episode Summary

We talk to Chris Marhefka, CEO and Facilitator at Training Camp for the Soul, about finding fulfilment in life and in relationships.

Episode Notes

2:05 - book recommendations from someone who read over 200 books on business and personal development. 

4:47 -want to impact your business, family or community? Be the light. 

6:12 - reading addiction. Did reading more books help you to grow?

10:33 - why is it so hard to sustain a change in habit? 

14:39 – does willpower and discipline work to change a habit? 

18:16 – how to get beneath the surface to identify and change thought patterns. 

24:40 – we think that stress is normal and a sign of success. 

29:34  - isn't stress needed for growth? 

35:02 – overcoming fears that seem to trap us. 

42:52 – achievement vs fulfilment. 

48:27 – we need an appropriate amount of pain before we change. 

52:19 – Chris' story of burn out that caused him to change. 

59:31 – how do we have a fulfilled life? 

1:02:41 – the perfect day? 

1:06:03 – relationships can be greatest source of pain or fulfilment. 

1:10:23 – we treat other people through the lens of our own experience, often without realising. 

1:15:37 – avoiding unnecessary conflicts in relationships. 

1:19:22 – navigating conversations when emotions are high. The importance of trust and vulnerability. 

1:23:21 – when I do nothing, that's when I find my best something. 

1:25:00 – you get to choose. 

1:28:08 – get in touch with Chris.  

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