Candour Communication Podcast

Cathlyn Melvin on the actor's toolkit (and how we can use those tools, too) (26#)

Episode Summary

Cathlyn Melvin is a professional actor, educator, entrepreneur and copywriter. She shares how acting helps to develop soft skills like empathy. She also shares tips to help us improve our written communication.

Episode Notes

00:01:58 – wanted to be an actor from a young age.  

00:04:04 – the art of acting vs the appeal of being famous.  

00:06:58 – acting develops empathy and other soft skills.  

00:10:58 – dealing with big personalities.  

00:13:50 – most actors are introverts.  

00:17:08 – most important skills for good acting.  

00:23:44 – how to use the actor's toolkit at networking events.  

00:27:46 – mission behind teaching acting to children.  

00:34:05 – Cathlyn gave up her apartment to keep serving students.  

00:39:41 – called greedy despite being homeless to keep pricing affordable.  

00:50:43 – copywriting advice for written communication.  

00:56:21 – writing good hooks while avoiding click-bait.  

00:58:50 – swipe file to save good copy.  

01:00:21 – learning how to become a better writer.  

01:04:45 – connect with Cathlyn. 

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