Candour Communication Podcast

Catherine Davidson on the opportunity in disagreement: a mediator's perspective (#20)

Episode Summary

We talk to Catherine Davidson about what mediation can teach us about conflict and negotiation. Catherine believes there is a lot of joy in disagreement. The problem is not the conflict but our ability to navigate through it.

Episode Notes

2:06 - what is mediation?

5:00 - misaligned interests aren't always the problem.

7:30 - what drives Catherine to do mediation.

9:50 - examples of mediation.

14:11 - getting sceptics to buy in.

17:28 - building rapport and trust.

18:30 - managing your own emotions.

21:44 - empathy vs ruinous empathy.

30:07 - negotiation and tactical empathy.

33:35 - what outcome do we want from conflict?

36:45 - conflict avoidance.

41:05 - proactive conflict management.

44:13 - how can we get beneath the surface to to real issues?

46:11 - Why? is a dangerous question to ask.

47:30 - importance of silence in communication.

51:34 - get in touch Catherine.

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