Candour Communication Podcast

Belinda Winter on bringing humanity back to human resources (#29)

Episode Summary

We talk to Belinda Winter about the role Human Resources plays in bringing the best out of people at work. We discuss HR and how it relates to performance, leadership and workplace culture.

Episode Notes

1:34 - what drew Belinda to HR.

3:17 - what people skills did the mentor notice?

4:58 - where did love for people come from?

6:37 - connecting with people who are not like you.

10:12 - HR doesn't manage people but they have to influence.

12:41 - hiring the right people.

16:32 - getting to know your people.

21:25 - what makes good leadership.

26:51 - bringing your full self to work.

33:26 - what is culture.

34:23 - our actions can impact culture - even unintentionally.

41:07 - people don't come to work to do a bad job.

46:57 - self-care for leaders.

50:04 - communicating expectations can reduce the team's stress.

51:16 - change management and communicating restructures.

57:54 - performance management.

1:01:24 - caring about people vs the business.

1:06:21 - Get in touch with Belinda.

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