Candour Communication Podcast

Angie Wakeman: the joy of clowning around in life (#49)

Episode Summary

We talk to Angie Wakeman about what clowning can teach us about communication, relationships and life. Angie is a clowning facilitator. She helps people to find joy and freedom in life by reducing stress and improving mental health.

Episode Notes

1:33 - being present rather than prepared.  

4:26 - the moments that happen when we're present.  

6:04 - being in the moment allows you to interact with your audience.  

7:56 - does the costume help to lower inhibitions?  

9:43 - curiosity, empathy and naivete.  

11:28 - training yourself to see as if it was your first time seeing.  

14:00 - how did clowning start for Angie?  

16:23 - clowning is vulnerable and authentic.  

24:10 - how Angie's previous careers helped with clowning.  

27:31 - clowning in the corporate environment.  

32:10 - you are more than the role you perform.  

34:23 - the value of staying in the mess.  

36:50 - those moments of stuck aren't real.  

38:32 - making the time and space to play.  

39:53 - status games.  

45:23 - clowns play, they don't act.  

46:22 - overthinking makes us perform worse.  

48:18 - the role of the court jester.  

51:22 - how the class transforms through clowning.  

56:51 - we connect through our imperfections.  

1:00:02 - connect with Angie.  

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